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Welcome to Cocoa Bay!  We have a wide variety of homes and commercial buildings for rent and our Residents are given first priority on available commercial properties to set up their own businesses.  Below is a listing of Currently Available properties found throughout our community which is updated hourly.

Residential rentals start at L$1.5/prim
Commercial rentals are L$1.5/prim.

If you see a building with a locked rent box that you are interested in,  please contact a manager and we will see if it can be unlocked for you.

Cocoa Bay allows additional services for our tenants for small fees.

House Swaps (L$500) – House swaps are allowed in certain areas of the sim. This depends on the theme of the area for the house. (May include landscaping fee!)

Landscaping / Exterior Decorating (L$0 – L$1000) – Any additional landscaping or adjustments to landscape. Moving trees, adjusting fences or sidewalks. The cost is based upon the amount of adjusting that needs done.

House Re-coloring (L$0 – L$500) – Re-coloring walls of a home or adjusting textures on the inside.

Thank you!  ~ Cocoa Bay Mgmt