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Cocoa Bay Managers

These are the managers of Cocoa Bay. They are the ones who make Cocoa Bay what it is and assist with any needed support.  Feel free to contact any of them. If there are no managers available, please submit a support ticket and someone will contact you within 24 hours to assist you.

Devin Knight – Cocoa Bay Owner & General Manager

  • Head Builder
  • Webmaster
  • Mail System
  • Behind Scenes Financial
  • Resident Support

Leo Sandman – Cocoa Bay Owner & General Manager

  • Exterior Design
  • Fire Department
  • Department of Transportation (DOT)
  • Resident Support




Alme Kinght Gavilan- COCOA BAY MANAGER

  • Tax Assessor
  • Resident Support
  • Ticket System
  • Welcome Center
  • Dating Center Events for the dating agency
  • Cocoa Fitness and Life2 Program
  • Website
  • Current Rentals Manager



 Dar Brock – Cocoa Bay Manager

  • DMV Head
  • Phone Company
  • Cocoa Bay Snews
  • Court & Legal Assistant
  • Website & Residential Support




Tatch – Cocoa Bay Manager

  • Website & Residential Support
  • Calendar Events Admin





Milo Knight – Cocoa Bay ASSISTANt Manager

  •  Resident Support





 Mrs. Susie Corbett – Cocoa Bay Assistant Manager

  • Resident Support






  • Resident Support