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Welcome!  Cocoa Bay Estates is a virtual community within Second Life based upon New York and surrounding areas.  Everyone is welcome here.  You do not need a premium account to rent with us.

Although we are not a strict RP community, we do expect everyone to abide by the general Community Standards within this covenant and the Second Life Terms of Service (TOS).

1. No Griefing.   No Scripted Attack or Magic Huds.
2. No Sexual content in front of children.
3. No Nudity in the public areas.
4. No Intruding into private homes without prior consent for RP purposes.
5. No Spy or Listening devices.
6. No Bloodlines Activities in Public Areas.

Second Life TOS:


There is an established theme on each residential estate that flows between all estates with some commercial areas throughout.  We encourage our residents to decorate accordingly.

1. Landscaping –  Sim Owners do all of the terraforming and general landscaping to accommodate each building free of charge.  Any additional landscaping that you add, as long as it reasonably fits the theme of your particular neighborhood, will go against your prim count.

2. Housekeeping –  Keep all of your objects inside your property lines.  Any objects floating in the sky, found outside property lines, or blatantly distracts from the theme of the estate, will be subject to return without notice.  Additionally, any highly scripted objects found causing lag on the estate will be returned.

3. Seasons –  Cocoa Bay seasonal cycles are based on the normal New York seasonal changes throughout the year.

4. Security Orbs –  If you would like a security system, a manager will place one for you. You will be given the ability to add and remove people as you see fit.  Or you may use your ban lines and parcel access list for limited times.  Personal security orbs are prohibited and will be returned without warning.

5. Skyboxes –  Allowed and must be placed between 1300-2000 meters.

6. Using Your Own Home/Building – It is a case by case basis. House, land, location and other variables come into play on house swaps. Should you have a home you desire we will do our best to find a location if and when it is available.

7. Respect your Neighbors – Camming into another resident’s parcel is considered both Powergaming and Metagaming as well as disrespectful.  Please Refrain from doing so. If caught, you will be given a warning.  Multiple warnings will result in eviction from Cocoa Bay.

8. Breedables – Breedables are allowed on private homesteads.  Depending on size and script useage, you may have 2 on a residential parcel.  Neon colored breedables are encouraged to be inside a building/barn to not distract from the estate theme.


Current Rental Rates are based on the amount of prims, not on the actual size of the parcel/building.

Residential Rates are $1.5/prim
Commercial Rates are L$1.5/prim.

1. Rental Tiers – Must be paid on or before the due date.  We use the Casperlet rental system which sends out reminders starting 3 days prior to your expiration.  You are responsible to make sure you pay your tier before it expires.  After 12 hours, Cocoa Bay Managers reserve the right to return all your objects and rent the parcel out to another resident.

2. Rental Agreement – When you pay the rental tier box, you also acknowledge that you understand and agree to this covenant as written by the Cocoa Bay Management Team. All Visitors are expected to abide by the general rules.

3. Residential Group Access – Once you have paid your tier, please contact a Manager for an invite to the Cocoa Bay Holdings group.

4. Refunds – There are No Refunds.  We will, however, transfer your current rental amount to another tier box within Cocoa Bay.  Submit a support ticket if you wish to transfer.

5. Abandonment – You will be evicted from your home if it has been abandoned. We will reset the tier box and set it back for rent. Any remaining time will not be refunded.

Your home is considered to be abandoned under the following circumstances:
– You have set your rental meter to “Do not renew”
– There are less than 48 hours remaining on your box and you have removed all prims
– You have little to no prims in your home and you’ve left the group.

6. Harassment/Abuse –  Will not be tolerated.  An estate manager takes full responsibility in deeming if conduct is inappropriate and has the right to take any action required. Including estate banning with no refund given.

7.  Evictions –  No Refunds Given if evicted for grossely violating Cocoa Bay Covenant or Second Life Terms of Service (TOS).  No Exceptions.


We allow the ability to attach a homestead to the community. This option is for those who wish to live in their own region while also having the community feel.   Residents of a homestead will have the same rights as normal residents.  Estate Manager rights will only be for the owners of Cocoa Bay.  The sim will be owned by Cocoa Bay Estates and ban lines will not be allowed.  However, we will place a security orb if you’d prefer.   Sim terrain and landscaping is free of charge and will be done to fit with the current surrounding estate theme.  Cocoa Bay Covenant applies on all homesteads.  Homesteads have a limit of 5,000 prims.
Sim Move Fee:   L$39,999
Two Weeks Tier Fee:   L$16,398
A total of L$54397 is required to be paid up front to order and place the sim.
Weekly Tier Rate:   L$8,199.

Please contact Devin (devindevin1111) for more information or to have a homestead added.


If driving is part of your character’s roleplay, we encourage you to do so in a realistic way.  Drive sensibly around the estate.

1. All residents must have a license to drive a vehicle, including motorcycles.
(obvious criminal RP exempt) (horseback riding does not require a license or special permit for the horse or the rider. Should you have a trailer, that will require a plate)
2. All driving on Cocoa Bay roads is considered RP, unless you wear the OOC tag found in the group and opt out of roleplay.
3. Rezzed vehicles left out in the middle of nowhere will be returned.
4. Vehicles must be turned off when not in use.
5. Highly scripted vehicles will be returned without notice.
6. Airplanes are not permitted.


Everyone is welcome in Cocoa Bay.  However, we do strongly encourage those residents who wish to be in a city service job  (Police Dept., Fire Dept., Teachers, etc)  to use a human avatar to help bring more realism in our New York based  roleplay environment.


Cocoa Bay Managers stay busy.  If you have questions or need help with anything, feel free to ask in the chat groups.  However, if you get no response then it is likely the Managers online are currently working with other residents.  Please be patient or submit a support ticket and one will be with you soon.  All support tickets are handled within 24 hours.

Contacts:  Leo Knight (leo1978x),  Dҽʋιɳ Kɳιɠԋƚ Dɾαƙσɳ (devindevin1111) , Dar Brock,  Nαy Ɠяєєηωσσd (janay.mullen), Mιlσ Kɳιɠԋƚ (milo321), Tuggy Nightingale – Watanabe (xtugboatx).

Cocoa Bay reserves the right to update/change this covenant at any time for any reason.


Cocoa Bay Mgmt
Update:  February 2018