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Cocoa Bay has an advanced system of role-play revolved around a money network called Cocoa Cash. Anyone may receive a credit card from the ATM in the Bank and immediately join the experience!


The bank is the foundation of the RP. This is where all of the money from the RP comes from. The bank pays everyone a weekly cheque.

Weekly Cheque – By going to the bank, the banker will pay you each week if you go to turn in your cheque. The banker may be at their desk to take you right away for the RP experience. However, all payments are automatic.

You must see the banker to transfer money to another resident.

City Hall

City hall is where you will find the tax assessor office to pay your taxes along with the job listings.

Taxes – Each month, you will receive a tax notice in your mail 1 week prior to when your taxes are due. You must go to the tax assessor and make a payment. If you do not go to the tax assessor, it will be taken out automatically along with 10% in audit.


There will be RP jobs found all over Cocoa Bay. Check out City Hall for a listing of all jobs available for both government and private business owners. Job payments are all different depending on the skills of the job, but there is definitely something for everyone. Remember, it’s all about having fun!

Time Clock – All jobs will have a time clock. Simply click the clock to begin the timer, when you are done working click again to log out. This allows jobs to be extremely flexible for working times.

Payment – For government jobs, payment will be made every week by the banker.


Everyone loves to spend money! All of that hard work, there’s plenty to go do with what you’ve just made.

Remember this is an RP experience. For the most part, you won’t be able to buy any actual items, but rather you RP buying something from the store.

Here are just a few ideas for ways or RP ideas that you will be able to spend Cocoa Cash:

  • Parking Meters
  • Buying “goods” from the bakery
  • Eating out at the Whine and Dine
  • Speeding Tickets
  • Fines
  • Court Fees
  • DMV
  • Gas Station
  • Bratsville Pub
  • K & Q Lounge
  • Main Street Flower Shop
  • Mystic Grocery & Deli
  • Pharmacy
  • More to come!


Other than taxes, you’ll also have bills to pay. The banker will use a random number generator to fill out a billing sheet for everyone. Car Bill, Water/Sewer Bill, Phone Bill, etc. Using the generator will make your bills change each week, some weeks you may not have to pay as much while other weeks it may be higher.

Bills will be sent in your mailbox every two weeks, you must go to the bank to pay your bills. If you do not pay your bills within the two weeks, they will automatically be taken out of your account along with 10% in audit.


Game tables are located right outside of the Welcome Center. By playing the game tables, you’ll be added to the scores list. At the end of the month the scores will be reset and anyone on the high scores list will receive some extra Cocoa Cash!

1st: 1000 Cocoa Cash
2nd: 500 Cocoa Cash
3rd: 250 Cocoa Cash