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Last updated May 28, 2017

This list is composed of the current approved Cocoa Bay estate groups.

Main Groups

Cocoa Bay Community – To keep updated on all events happening in Cocoa Bay, shop announcements, and any other important notices. Anyone can join this group to keep updated on everything!

Cocoa Bay Holdings – Land group for Cocoa Bay Estate Residents Only. It is required to have in order to rez objects.  Also is used for rental questions and any announcements about rental & land updates.  All residents have the ability to add additional family members as subtenants to their rental boxes.

Rockland County RP – (NO OOC CHAT ALLOWED) — Roleplay group for Rockland County. All role play, 911 calls for PD, FD, EMS, and role play announcements may be done in this group.  This group is a private residents group, but anyone can be invited by residents to join.


Non-Staff Groups

CB Criminal Minds – Open group to all who would like to join up as criminals for RP purposes.

Cocoa Bay Kids – Open group to all the Cocoa Bay kids to join up in one spot and cause chaos for their parents

Rockland County Bank and Trust – Open group for information regarding the Rockland County Bank (*Currently not used very often and not a good source for help!)

Cocoa Fitness – Closed group for use of the equipment in the Life2 enabled gym. Gym subscription required for a group invite. (The gym is open to all, the subscription and group is to be able to use the Life2 equipment for your Life2 Hud.)

Staff Groups

Rockland PD – Group for the police department Chief of Police, Captains, Leiutenants, Detectives, Officers, Recruits, and K-9 Units for RP purposes.

Rockland County Fire Department – Group for Fire Chief, Firefighters, Recruits, and EMS personnel for RP purposes.

St. Leo’s Medical Group – Group for Doctors, Nurses, and EMS staff for RP purposes.

St. Leo’s Birthing Center – Group for staff of the birthing center for RP purposes.

Cocoa Bay Emergency Services – Group for all emergency staff. One group for all incoming emergency service calls.

Rockland County DOT (Department of Transportation) – Group for the DOT staff for RP purposes. (Taxi’s and bus lines)

Rockland County Public Works – Group for Public Works staff for RP purposes (garbage, plowing, etc)

Rockland Co Youth & Family Services – Group for children of the Bratsville Children’s Home and Social Workers for RP Purposes.

Rockland County Courts – Group for the County Court  Judges, Lawyers, & Court Clerk for RP Purposes.

Rockland County School District – Group for School Principals, Teachers, & Students for RP Purposes.

Cocoa Bay Snews – Group for news staff – Editors and Reporters of the Cocoa Bay Community Newspaper.

Cocoa Bay Management – Group for Cocoa Bay Managers