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We allow the ability to attach a homestead to the community. This option is for those who which to live in their own region while also having the community feel.

To add a region to Cocoa Bay Estates you must pay the following fees:
Sim Move Fee: L$60,000
Two Weeks Tier Fee: L$16,998
Sim terrain and landscaping is free of charge.
A total of L$76,998 is required to be paid up front to order and place the sim.

The weekly tier is L$8,499.

Estate Manager rights will only be for the owners of Cocoa Bay. The sim will be owned by Cocoa Bay Estates and ban lines will not be allowed, however, we will place a security orb if you’d like.

Please note: Prices of homesteads change over time. Therefore, the price on this page may differ from prices in the future and may need modified.

Please contact Devin (devindevin1111) for more information or to have a homestead added.