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All residents have the option of having a phone installed in their home. To have one installed, please fill out a phone request form.

The phone system is NBS NorPhone. These phones are functional and can be used for grid wide calling for anyone with the NorPhone.

Below is a list of features:
♦ GRIDWIDE CALLING: All calls can be made gridwide with no fees.
♦ USER-FRIENDLY: Just click, dial, and talk. It couldn’t be easier.
♦ CUSTOM NUMBERING: Pick any phone number you want for free.
♦ WEB CONFIG: Setup is super simple with our exclusive Web Config system for online configuration.
♦ PHONEBOOK LISTING: List your phone in the Phonebook ( for free.
♦ MULTIPLE THEMES: Pick from 13 colors for use in any environment.
♦ CALLING OPTIONS: Set up call filters, auto dialing, and more. See manual for details.
♦ SPEAKERPHONE: Share your call with anyone within 10 meters.
♦ REDIAL FEATURE: Call somebody back in a press of a button.

For more information on the NorPhone, please visit or contact Aʟᴍᴇ  (alme1975.static).